Snake Town is an arcade-style Snake game created to slowly introduce myself to basic C++. The game itself runs solely within the Windows command prompt, and as such I had to develop a custom framework in which to develop it.
The brief: Create a version of the game 'Snake' to demonstrate knowledge of C++.
Snake Town was the first introduction I had to C++, and as such it is a relitively simple project as far as the code complexity and framework go. However, I'm still pretty proud of how well it turned out for a 6 week development cycle in a completely alien language. The framework itself allows for the developer to create and draw elements to the gameplay grid as desired, however due to the 'ascii' nature of the command line this is somewhat limited.
The game has 3 different game modes: single player, two player, and "mirror mode".
The source code is available to download via
- Use W A S D to navigate the option window (use A & D on colour / speed options to change them)
- Use W A S D to control the single player / player 1 snake
- UseĀ I J K L to control the player 2 snake
This project was part of BCU's Game Development course (2019 to 2021)
The project recieved a First (85%)

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