NAVIS was submitted to the Search For A Star competition 2021, developed by building off of an incomplete project handed to us at the beginning of the event. The development log available to download on the page below showcases the development process and how I adapted the in-place systems to better match my vision for the rest of the game.
The initial project consisted solely of a laptop that displayed a ZORK-like game. Each dialogue "beat" had 1 or more options, and depending on which the player chose, the story would branch accordingly. To me, the laptop print-out and retro green-on-black style of the scene nudged me in the direction of making something similar to Alien - Old tech in a seemingly modern ship.
The game was developed over the course of 8 weeks, with a total of around 70 - 75 hours spent on it (I was working on coursework at the same time, so NAVIS development was reserved solely for weekends).
The game showcases a variety of internative environment systems, and was designed to allow a designer with no programming knowledge create something of a similar standard.
The game ranked #13 overall, and was given a "One to Watch" badge (awarded to those who didn't make the final, but demonstrated great skill and potential). The full marking breakdown is available on the SFAS jam page.
The game makes full use of several asset packs obtained off the Unity Asset Store, the main one being Velkin Labs' "Sci-Fi Level Construction Kit 2".
A full asset breakdown can be found within the .zip download on the page.

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