Pixel Puzzle is a 2D puzzle game based on the classic '15 Puzzle' sliding tile game. Developed using the MonoGame framework with C#, this project was completed within a 4 week development period.
The brief: Use MonoGame and OOP to create a modern version of '15 Puzzle'.
The aim of the game is simple: Select the size and design of the puzzle, allow the board to be shuffled, and slide tiles around to complete the image in as few moves as possible! A hint is available, which will indicate where on the board each piece is supposed to be placed.

Note: Pixel Puzzle is the earliest work I've included in this portfolio. The coding and practices used are not up to the same quality as I hold myself to now, however for the sake of showcasing progression as a developer I have decided to showcase it here.​​​​​​​
- Press I to display "how to" reminder
- Press H to display hint
- Press P to alter the picture used
- Press 3 or 4 to toggle grid size (3 by 3 / 4 by 4)
- Use arrow keys OR mouse clicks to slide tiles into the empty slot
- Press R to restart the puzzle
- Press Space to shuffle the grid
This project was part of BCU's Game Development course (2019 to 2021)
It received a First (77%)
Art and music created by me, using Photoshop and Garage Band

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