Hi! I'm Hugo, a final year game development student currently studying in the UK. I've been programming since I was young (mainly in Python and Javascript), and around 4 years ago decided game dev was the direction I wanted to take as a career; I taught myself basic Unity programming before enrolling in BCU's Video Game Development BSc course, and so far have around 5 highly polished titles under my belt (with many more on the way).
I have experience using C#, JavaScript, and C++ in conjunction with multiple different frameworks and engines, my favourites currently being SFML and Unity.
Along-side Uni coursework, I'm also a community manager for the Trans Game Dev Discord community. A lot of my work includes running events, managing the server's social media, and helping folks from diverse backgrounds get jobs in the industry. Check us out here!​​​​​​​
For business enquiries, please use the Contact form provided. For other things (questions, song recommedations, etc.) please use LinkedIn or Twitter. Thanks!
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